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6 Steps to Throwing a Party on a Budget

The Party Animal:
6 Steps to Throwing a Party on a Limited Budget


party animal1. The Budget

Some people don’t necessarily put together a budget for party but it’s one of the things that should be done first. Figure out how much you want/willing to spend on the party and put a certain amount aside (literally, take out cash and put it in an envelope). It’s always recommended to not spend money that you don’t have but if you must, as a second option, you can look into a low interest rate credit card and be sure to pay it off ASAP. If you plan to have a party every year, then look into a Holiday spending account and start saving at the beginning of each year.

2. The Guest List

This is where you can probably cut the most cost. By limiting the number of people you invite, you can save money on food and beverages. One thing to keep in mind is the +1 factor; if you are allowing people to bring a guest then you may want to cut the guest list in half. And when sending out invitations, use Facebook (invite only), Evite, or group text. It’s cheaper than buying invitations plus people are able to see everyone you invited so they don’t accidentally mention the party to someone that isn’t on the guest list. Make sure to invite people well in advance so that they have time to plan and if someone can’t make it then you’ll have time to invite someone else.

3. The Menu

The most inexpensive menu is a potluck because everyone can pitch in at little to no cost. It’s best to list out items and let each guest decide what to bring. If you decide that you would like to host all the food yourself then look into party trays at your local grocery store, they usually have a great variety at reasonable prices and it saves you time by not having to cook. If you’re 21 or older, it’s also common to have a BYOB (bring your own beverage) party. When setting up, it’s best to keep the food and beverages separated but in one location of the house, you want it to be organized but not crowded.

4. The Set Up

You don’t have to go all out with the decorations or spend a lot of money. A simple centerpiece with holiday ornaments or flowers and pine cones will do just fine. You can also liven up the room with some holiday lights. You can find lots of supplies at discount stores such as Big Lots or the Dollar Tree store. Consider purchasing items that won’t break and are reusable for future parties. You can also ask friends and family if they will lend you some decorations so you don’t have to buy everything.

5. The Music

With technology being as advanced as it is, there’s no need for a DJ or live band unless you have friends that are willing to perform for free. There are great apps such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, or even iTunes Radio. But if you don’t want to get interrupted by commercials then create your own playlist. There are also great party mix albums available for less than $9.99. Be sure to manage the noise levels because the last thing that you want is a disgruntled neighbor calling the cops.

6. The End

Although it’s been a thrilling and fun night, it’s closing time. One of the most suggested ways is to either make a “last call” announcement or fade out the music with some mellow tunes. Also, once people see that most of the food and beverages are gone and you’re starting to clean up, they’ll start to clear out.

Now start celebrating, you party animal!

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